Steve Ellner October-December Speaking Tour on the Hardship Imposed on the Venezuelan people by US-Canadian Sanctions

campaign to end sanctions
   As part of a campaign to inform the public and organize a stronger movement against ongoing – and ever increasing – US and Canadian sanctions and intervention on the Venezuelan people, we are organizing a US-Canada speaking tour by Steve Ellner from October to early December. We plan to follow this up with another speaking tour on US regime change plans against Venezuela and to build a more effective campaign against the increasing sanctions.
    This present tour builds on our March 2018  Open Letter in Support of Mediation not Sanctions on Venezuela

    SURES, a Venezuelan (authentic) human rights organization, and Alfred de Zayas of the UN Human Rights Council have issued reports on the human rights effect of the sanctions:

    Joe Emersberger has recently written about some of the cost of the sanctions:

Trump’s Economic Sanctions Have Cost Venezuela About $6 billion in one year


Video of Steve Ellner’s talk in Albany on Threats to Venezuela



Steve Ellner schedule of public speaking events:

Wednesday, October 3, Boston 

Friday, October 5, Albany

Friday, October 19, Winnipeg

Sunday, October 21, Vancouver

Monday, October 22, Vancouver Island University

Thursday,  Oct. 25:  12:00pm SALA lunch

Thursday Oct. 25    7:00pm  Consumnes River College, Sacramento, California

Friday,  Oct, 26 7:30 pm Task Force on Americas event

Sunday,  Oct. 28,  10:30 am, Niebyl Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Sunday,  Oct. 28,  4:00 pm Rossmoor w/potluck dinner

Wednesday,  Oct. 31:   3pm  UC Berkeley Latinx Research Center/Center for Latino Policy Research

Friday Nov 2   2pm Western Oregon University, Monmouth

Friday Nov 2  7 pm Corvallis, Oregon

Saturday Nov 3  Portland  5:30 dinner, 6:30 pm event: The Hardship Imposed on the Venezuelan people by US-Canadian Sanctions

Sunday Nov 4  dinner with National  Lawyers Guild Convention members

Monday Nov 5 Olympia Washington evening Public event

Tuesday Nov 6, 2pm Evergreen College

November 7  Seattle

Saturday, November 10, Minneapolis

Monday, Nov. 12,  12 noon,  University of Chicago, Center for Latin American Studies. Foster Hall, Room 103 (1130 E 59th St)

Monday, Nov. 12, 7 pm, Evanston Public Library

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 12:30 pm Purdue University NW (Hammond, IN)

Wednesday, Nov. 14,  1:30 pm   Student Peace Action Network, McHenry County College Crystal Lake, Illinois

Wednesday, Nov. 14,  6:30 pm  Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin

Thursday, Nov. 15,  6 pm University of Missouri, Kansas City

Friday November 16  University of Missouri, Kansas City, Latinx and Latin American Studies Program

Saturday, December 1, 1 pm  Barco Law Building, University of Pittsburgh, co-sponsored by Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League

Monday, December 3, Columbus, Ohio

For more information on this tour:, 773-322-3168



Steve Ellner earned his Ph.D. in Latin American history at the University of New Mexico in 1980. Since 1977 he has taught economic history and political science at the Universidad de Oriente in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela and for a ten year period taught in the graduate school of law and political science of the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Among his book publications are:

Rethinking Venezuelan Politics: Class, Polarization and the Chávez Phenomenon. (2008);

Venezuelan Politics in the Chávez Era: Class, Polarization and Conflict (co-editor, 2003);

Venezuela: Hugo Chávez and the Decline of an “Exceptional” Democracy” (co-editor, 2007);

The Pink Tide Experiences: Breakthroughs and Shortcomings in Twenty-First Century  (2019)






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