The Dubious Story of Murder of Kim Jong Nam Stansfield Smith, Chicago ALBA Solidarity     In the West, even among people who consider themselves not susceptible to government-corporate media propaganda, any wild story about North Korea can be taken as credible. We should ask ourselves why that is the case, given what we know about the history of … Continue reading The Dubious Story of Murder of Kim Jong Nam

Framing North Korea When it comes to North Korea, for the US government and its media, time stands still. They remain fixated in the 1950s Joe McCarthy worldview: the Red-Yellow peril, a monster capable of unimaginable evil, threatens our civilization and freedoms. North Korea’s Kim family is presented as three reincarnations of a Communist Dr. Fu Manchu. … Continue reading Framing North Korea

Presentation on North Korea and US War Threats

to Anti-War Committee, Minneapolis  July 27, 2013 Thank you for inviting me for speaking on the DPRK, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, or North Korea, this day, 60 years since the DPRK defeated the US war on their country. We should remember too, yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the rallying cry of … Continue reading Presentation on North Korea and US War Threats

North Korea’s Justifiable Anger The corporate media reduces the DPRK (North Korea) to the Kim family and prefaces their names with the terms “madman”, “evil” and “brutal”. Such vilifications of foreign leaders are used here not only to signify they are target for US overthrow. They are meant to intimidate and isolate anti-war activists as being out in left … Continue reading North Korea’s Justifiable Anger

What North Koreans Think I recently returned from a late March trip to North Korea [Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, DPRK], along with 45 others, through Koryo Tours. On that tour I had the opportunity to discuss with the Korean tour guides their views on the current situation.  I only recall the DPRK view mentioned here once in … Continue reading What North Koreans Think