Burkina Faso and Thomas Sankara

Burkina Faso remains one of the ten least developed countries of the world. The 1983-87 Burkina revolution, Sankara acknowledged, was occurring in a backward, agricultural, semi-feudal country where there was not yet ‘an organized working class, conscious of its historic mission.” He sought to build a national economy based more on domestic markets and interests. … Continue reading Burkina Faso and Thomas Sankara


Book Review: The Imperialist War on Libya

http://mltoday.com/article/1735-book-review-the-imperialist-war-on-libya/29 In Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya, (Monthly Review Press, 2013. 320 pages) Horace Campbell exposes the role of the NATO countries in the attack, occupation and destruction of Libya. This book provides useful material, given that a segment of the peace movement that opposed to the war on Iraq supported US … Continue reading Book Review: The Imperialist War on Libya